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Micropolis: The City of Insects
Micro_exhibit_1.jpgWe read about this museum in a 2007 article by Robert V. Camuto in the Washington Post. "I expected to find one of those cheap, disappointing tourist traps you generally find anywhere in the middle of nowhere on this planet. Instead what we found was one of the best-conceived and -executed oddball-niche exhibits I've ever visited." It's all of that.

This stunning tribute to the amazing diversity of insects stands in the picture-perfect vale-side town where French entomologist Jean-Henri Fabre was born. The museum itself is architecturally daring. Its restaurant is stylish. We were fascinated throughout, listening to our English guide phone (signage is dual-language, too).

Micro_venus.jpgThe museum leans a bit toward children, with some display cases at youngster-height and lots of interactive displays. But it never talks down. The day we visited it was pouring, so we couldn't explore the outdoor displays. We did, however, take the opportunity to pose in the mammoth Venus flytrap which closes around you as you sit.And on our way home, we stopped off in Millau for a few minutes to buy handmade leather gloves, one of the small city's specialties.
Time to destination: roughly 1.25 hours. Directions: From Valros, take the N9 toward Pézenas. Continue on past Clermont-l'Hérault, then past Lodève, then finally toward Millau, as the N9 becomes the highway A75. You cross the Viaduc de Millau, the world's tallest suspension bridge, and exit soon after, at exit 44. Turn right. Micropolis is located a few miles away on the D911, at St-Léons. You'll see signs for Micropolis beginning on the A75.
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