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A Working Holiday
Chapter 1: We Leave for France
Chapter 10: Looking for Mr. Goodstone
Chapter 11: A mission to la Clape
Chapter 12: Dinner at Château de Lignan
Chapter 13: Antiques and plunder
Chapter 14: The vintner next door
Chapter 15: The rooftops of Nézignan-l'Évêque
Chapter 2: Comes the crusade
Chapter 3: The 13 colonies
Chapter 4: Our curtains are dreadful
Chapter 5: Naked beaches
Chapter 6: A visit to Château des Estanilles
Chapter 7: A pilgrimage to Toulouse
Chapter 8: Remembering Collioure
Chapter 9: The priest and the mayor
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Movies on video at the Valros house (plan your own film festival)...
A Few Good Men Cruise vs. Nicholson in courtroom showdown
Air Force One
President Ford gets fighting mad in skyjacking nailbiter
In space, no one can hear you scream
The American President
Michael Douglas woos Annette Benning
Apocalypse Now
Coppola’s lush, bizarre Oscar-winning Vietnam war story
Apollo 13
Hanks-led heroes struggle to return home in crippled moon shot
Can oilmen-made-astronauts save earth from meteor?
As Good As It Gets
Oscar winners Nicholson/Hunt learn to love the one you hate
Austin Powers
Groooooooovy, baby!
Ben Hur
11-time Oscar winner; Heston drives his own chariot in climatic race
The Big Chill
Seminal coming-of-middle-age film for the ‘60s generation
"Freedom!" Gibson stirs 13th-century Scots to revolt; 5 Oscars
Bridge on the River Kwai
True Brit grit in WWII Japanese prison camp; 7 Oscars
Bull Durham
Sweet, sassy tale of soulmates finding love one baseball season
Citizen Kane
Ranked #1 best U.S. film by the American Film Institute
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
We’re not alone, but they’re kind of cute
Dances with Wolves
Costner’s epic lament for the Plains Indians; 7 Oscars
Dirty Dancing
Young love breaks class barriers at Catskills resort; irresistible
Absorbing story of the young Queen’s rise to power; stars Cate Blanchett
Enemy of the State
Super-paranoid actioner pits Smith/Hackman against gov’t spies
The English Patient
Oscar-draped tale of love against all odds
Extreme Measures
Gene Hackman, Hugh Grant star in high stakes medical drama
Fabulous Baker Boys
Musicians vie for songstress Michelle Pfeiffer
Spare, witty winter tale of murder solved by pregnant police chief; 2 Oscars
Field of Dreams
Dead baseball legends return to play on Costner’s cornfield diamond
Forrest Gump
Virtuoso performance by Tom Hanks as idiot savant; 6 Oscars
Four Weddings and a Funeral
Touching, playful, surprising friends film
The Fugitive
Convicted murderer on the run, with Tommy Lee Jones right behind
James Dean, Rock Hudson in American classic; 10 Oscars
Marlon Brando trades favors in gorgeous mob story; 3 Oscars
Godfather II
The story continues; 6 Oscars
Godfather III
The story concludes
Good Will Hunting
Fight-prone, young math genius finds himself
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
Landmark race-relations film; 2 Oscars
Horatio Hornblower
All hands on deck for this riveting, recent made-for-TV series
Hunt for Red October
Tense sub-vs.-sub Cold War drama starring Sean Connery
Lawrence of Arabia
Majestic tale of eccentric mid-East scholar turned military hero
Legends of the Fall
Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt are father/son in tragic family epic
Life is Beautiful
Roberto Bennini makes the most of a bad situation; 3 Oscars
Mask of Zorro
Aging masked avenger (Hopkins) trains a successor (Banderas)
Men in Black
Alien fun, as Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones save the universe
The Mummy
Hunk adventurer Brendan Fraser battles an ancient curse
Town drops dead as viral-fighters Hoffman/Russo work against the clock
Philadelphia Story
Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart comedy; 2 Oscars
Pretty Woman
Prostitute and tycoon find common ground in romantic comedy
The Princess Bride
Well-told swashbuckling fairy tale of good vs. nasty
Raging Bull
Biopic of tormented boxer earned DeNiro Best Actor Oscar
Rob Roy
Men in kilts: Liam Neeson avenges Highland wrongs
The Rock
Stolen biowarfare weapons pit Cage/Connery against patriot/rogue Ed Harris
Saving Private Ryan
D-Day Redux starring teacher-turned-commando Tom Hanks
Schindler’s List
Spielberg’s 7-Oscar tribute to unlikely savior of WWII Jews
Shakespeare in Love
Behind-the-scenes romance inspires Romeo and Juliet
Silence of the Lambs
Cannibal helps FBI agent get her man; 5 Oscars
Good triumphs in this wonderful Wild West buddy film introducing Costner
The Sting
Redford/Newman pull the wool in this devilish romp; 7 Oscars
Strictly Ballroom
Great dancing, great music, great cast, beguiling love story
Terminator 2
Schwarzenegger comes back as a good robot this time
Thomas Crown Affair
In the original stylish Steve McQueen foils Faye Dunaway
Thomas Crown Affair
The clever remake, with Pierce Brosnan and Renee Russo
Hey, isn’t that iceberg pretty close? DiCaprio chills out
Top Gun
Boys and their supersonic toys
Clint Eastwood directed himself in this moody, revisionist Western; 4 Oscars
The Untouchables
Irish cop Connery teaches idealistic Fed Costner how to fight dirty
The Way We Were
Bittersweet Redford/Streisand romance won Oscar for Best Song
When Harry Met Sally
Man discovers that women fake orgasms
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