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A Working Holiday
Chapter 1: We Leave for France
Chapter 10: Looking for Mr. Goodstone
Chapter 11: A mission to la Clape
Chapter 12: Dinner at Château de Lignan
Chapter 13: Antiques and plunder
Chapter 14: The vintner next door
Chapter 15: The rooftops of Nézignan-l'Évêque
Chapter 2: Comes the crusade
Chapter 3: The 13 colonies
Chapter 4: Our curtains are dreadful
Chapter 5: Naked beaches
Chapter 6: A visit to Château des Estanilles
Chapter 7: A pilgrimage to Toulouse
Chapter 8: Remembering Collioure
Chapter 9: The priest and the mayor
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[below] Aimee takes you on a tour of the ground floor of the house in December

[below] Simone ponders the sheepherders' huts near Faugères, a small but distinguished wine region about 30 minutes from our house. On a windy day.

[below] Aimee takes you on a complete tour of the house. It's 8-plus minutes but you'll see every room. The voice-over tour begins about 1 minute into the video. The items at the beginning are guest comments and other paper materials, including the "house book" (kind of a how-to guide to how things work) that we send to each guest in advance of their stay.

[below] Aimee and Alain take you on a tour of a giant French supermarket, Auchan, in the nearest "big" city.

[below] Simone explains pizza (every Wednesday) night in our town of Valros.

[below] Simone walks us through the vast, twice-a-year Pézenas antiques fair and flea market.

[below] Aimee and Alain take a night-time walk in Valros to bring bottles to the recycling container in the town square. The town's Christmas decorations are hung. And at the end you get a good look at the 14th-century church a few steps from our front door.

[below] Simone guides us through the weekly Saturday outdoor market in neighboring Pézenas. But Jean-Claude has the last word.

[below] Simone hosts a meal of fresh oysters and mussels in nearby Bouzigues, 20 minutes away.

[below] The FILM festival in neighboring Pézenas puts on display the many trades young French can learn: house preservation, stone carving, wooden boat construction, theatrical costume design, guitar making ... there are a couple of dozen trades doing demonstrations. In October each year.