Antiques & junque

Junkanauts, Aimee and Alain, pick through
doorknobs at a French flea market.
Treasures await those that seek them...and the seeking could not be easier. Pézenas, six miles north-east of Valros, is home to more antique stores than you can visit in a week’s time. The prices are more than reasonable in comparison to other areas of France and cheap compared to the States. (In France look for the following words: Antiquités for antiques, brocante for second hand, and marché aux puces for flea market.)
The Emmaus stores (the French Goodwill) are a wonderful source for used anything and are always well worth a visit.

Postcards illustrate the kind of
"plunder" found locally in
Pézenas, a major antiquing
hub. Among the treasures:
medieval and renaissance
The nearest is about five miles south-west of Valros. In Béziers, there is another Emmaus that is a wonderful source for antique clothes and linens. The Emmaus just east of Montpellier is beyond description. Flea and antique markets take place throughout the year in many locations. There is a Saturday morning flea market about eight miles south-west of Valros on the road to Béziers (look for the group of modern industrial buildings on the west side of the road). The best flea markets are those hosted by towns and villages and limited to local sellers -- no professional sellers means the treasures are less picked over. The best current listing of antique and flea markets is in the magazine Aladin (most large newsstands will have it).

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