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[above] Flying into Montpellier, over the Med. coast; here, you're a 45-minute drive from the house

"Your villa in Valros was wonderful. We thoroughly enjoyed our week in southern France and being immersed in the culture. The town was lovely and we got by with the minimal French we were able to use. Enjoyed the wonderful food of the region and the historic sites. I'm ready to go back." -- Pam S., July 2013

Valros is easy to get to: via rail (high-speed TGV) or plane from Paris to Montpellier, where you can rent a car. Or by flying into Barcelona and renting a car. You can also drive from Paris or Barcelona: it's major highways all the way.  

Or you can have Andy Dickson pick you up and drive you around on guided tours. Learn more about Andy by clicking on "read more."

Driving south from Montpellier, take the A9 Autoroute (called La Languedocien ne) to the Pezenas exit (#34). Head toward Pezenas and turn south on N9 (also called Avenue de Pezenas). In a few minutes you will enter Valros, a one-traffic- light town. Turn left at that traffic light, onto a narrow street called La Grande Rue. Park in the Place de la Republique. You are there. Or you could just call Andy....

... to pick you up and take you everywhere. His home phone from the US is 011 33 467 240365. His mobile from the US is 011 33 623 139778. Andy Dickson is a burly, aw-shucks Scot. He was the iron artisan who crafted our front window grill (the neighbor's cats love him) and our impregnable garage bridges. But the summer's too hot to weld. Then he prefers to drive. Which is great for some guests: they never touch a wheel, and "Andy, the guide" speaks English with a pleasant burl. Plus he can do specialty itineraries, like WINE tours. The Languedoc is one of France's most intriguing wine regions, deep with boutique vineyards.Guests love him: "Andrew is a gem. We could not have done it without him. He picked us up on Friday night at the train and spent the next six days with us..............all day.............with six women. That alone should tell you something. He is patient and kind and a great translator." (2012 report)

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