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Posted by Tom
Wed, Nov 27, 2013 - 09:21am

Beloved visitors! BEFORE you book a flight, please make doubly sure your week is available ... by calling Simone Joyaux in the U.S. at 401-397-2534; or emailing her at spjoyaux©

See the relief map above? Our house is just southeast of center, just where the name SERVIAN ends. Look at all the fun you'll have.
We've rented homes in France several times and have learned first-hand what makes a house convenient and comfortable for guests. Among the amenities that you will find at our house:
  • a large library of English-language fiction and non-fiction books, including lots of regional travel books and maps
  • a cassette tape and compact disc player, and an eclectic musical library featuring dozens of tapes and CDs ranging from Mozart to Edith Piaf to blues great Buddy Guy
  • a TV and multi-format videocassette player, with an extensive library of films-on- video including recent box office hits and titles hand-picked from the American Film Institute's Top 100 list (upgrade to DVD? nope)
  • a kitchen already stocked with necessities like salt and pepper (in many rentals the cupboard's totally, utterly, barebones bare when you arrive) and well equipped with pots, pans, dishes and utensils
  • a telephone for free local calls
  • board games
  • the rental includes all utilities (electricity , heat), linens, towels (items often charged separately at other rentals)

The house has a garage. There is ample, free, on-street parking as well.


The same reasonable rate, all year round: US$1,400 per week. For more information and to check availability, contact

To make a reservation, please click here for the proper forms.

We purchased the Valros house in 1999. Since then, we've had the interior stonework sandblasted and repointed, upgraded the electricity, fixed some leaks in the plumbing, laid down a new roof, and replaced drafty doors. We've also added heaters; the house had no heat when we bought it. The major renovation work to date has been on the ground floor. Outside we had a sunning/dining terrace built over the garage and popped in an olive tree for local flavor. Because we're absent much of the year, we couldn't maintain a garden of any size. But an olive tree is indigenous. In 2008, ours bore its first fruit.


Be advised: there is no ground-floor toilet yet, so the house is not really suited for guests who cannot climb stairs.

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